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Seamless dialogue between wireless-intercom and IP

 IP - GSM / UMTS gateway
IP - SMS Manager
IP - Modem  3G / 4G router
IP - Audio IP Gateway


X-IP Voice Gateways enable many features such as: voice/data gateway for 2 g/3 g/4 g mobile networks, access request forwarding from 5wire intercoms (4+n) to IP networks (phone, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.), managing two relays for doors or lights from ADSL backup or failover mechanism, so that the company is always connected to the Internet, SMS Service Manager with the ability to receive SMS on one
or multiple email addresses or mobile numbers, send SMS to one or multiple contacts (marketing campaigns) automatic phone book contacts import.


All X-Voice gateways are ideal for homes, villas, condos or offices that want avant-garde solutions, to integrate the management of 2 g /3 g /4 g SIM cards and 5-wire analogue intercoms with the IP network and, in particular, with IP phones, Smartphones and IP PBX devices.

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