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VoIP GSM / UMTS gateway

 Tecnical Features

  • GSM / UMTS VoIP Gateway Multifunction

  • Support for SIP protocol

  • 1.2 or 4 SIM GSM / UMTS models

  • Configuration via Web interface

  • Signal quality monitoring

  • 3G router, failover or ADSL / 3G backup (optional)

  • Less than 5Wh of energy consumption

  • Fanless, 1 LAN port, dimensions 3x9x9 cm

 Product Features

X-Voice Gateway VoIP GSM / UMTS is the multifunction IP device that allows you to integrate GSM or UMTS lines in the company PBX (IP PBX) in order to divert calls to mobile phones from one or more SIM (eg with unlimited traffic), with the advantage of strong savings on the phone bill.

Once X-Voice Gateway VoIP is connected to the company LAN, it is configured for GSM or UMTS lines through an easy Web interface through which you can monitor the manager’s received signal strength, in order to optimize the reception capacity and placement within the company.

X-Voice is the only low-cost GSM / UMTS VoIP Gateway with a large number of additional optional features such as: 3G router, failover mechanism or ADSL / ADSL and ADSL / 3G backup so the company is always connected to the Internet and SMS manager able to manage promotional campaigns. Consuming less than 5 Wh, X-Voice Gateway also saves on your electricity bill.

 Business Features

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