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With our customers and partners, we continually make strides, contributing to innovation and solving critical problems

Become our technology transfer partner and fast-track your project development with our specialized consulting services.

Thanks to the qualified and specialized personnel, here at VICOSYSTEMS we provide you with clearly articulated technological experience aimed at setting up, coordinating and implementing specific projects, studying possible solutions, and overcoming critical production issues in your systems.

The range of our expertise covers (but is not limited to) the following areas of focus:

  • Analysis, design and development of software applications

  • Integration of IoT systems and sensors

  • Artificial Intelligence based systems

  • Cloud solutions design

  • Design of Mobility and Wireless solutions

  • Design of Computer Vision systems

  • Implementation of Voip telephony systems on Premise and on Cloud

  • Information and communication systems on Web-Mobile platform

  • Design of Web and Mobile App solutions


V-Search is a search engine dedicated to search and gather contacts for you. It eliminates the manual hassle and puts all the results into a directory with all the contact info you need. 

Choose the types of contact (e.g. phone, email, social) you want to search for and let V-search find and organize them for you in one click. You can export the search results into several standard formats so you can create your own personal database of contacts.

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