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Nowadays, the internet of things is finding more and more public support and represents a growing opportunity for development for many sectors, such as health, transport, public administration. The basic concept of IoT is that objects ("things") can interact with the network and transfer data and information in order to improve  services on the territory. In the IoT paradigm, an "electronic identity" can be given to everything that forms the world around us, through, for example, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and other technologies (QR code). Therefore, the concept of Big Data and the related problems connected with the analysis and automatic management of such information off-line or in real time are born.

Through the synergistic collaboration between business partners of high ICT connotation ( T.Net Italia SpA , Homatron Srl , Vicosystems Srl ) and scientific research partners with a strong territorial vocation ( Department of Agriculture , Food and Environment of the University of Catania and Centro for the dairy sector - Corfilac ), the CowTech project aims to extend the IoT paradigm (Internet of Things) to rural areas with a high livestock vocation, with particular reference to those affected by the presence of farms for cows to be milk. In fact, it is believed that, in the global market, the technological innovation acquired by partner companies by virtue of collaboration with research institutions, and transferred to farms for  Dairy cows through the CowTech project could play a leading role in the development of two important Sicilian agri-food chains, that of milk and that of dairy products, of which dairy cattle farms constitute the first link.

Aims and purposes

All farms from which milk intended for human consumption or the dairy industry comes must necessarily meet the requirements established by the regulations in force. Among these, of particular importance, those relating to the welfare of animals that must not be carriers of diseases communicable to humans or have physiological damage such as to alter the quality of the milk.

CowTech's objective, therefore, will be pursued through the development of an automatic system prototype based on a wireless network infrastructure and wearable sensors that allows the monitoring of the behavior of dairy cows, aimed at improving well-being and production performance. and reproductive. The prototype developed in CowTech would work according to a system logic and not a single company. The data acquired by the various companies (Big Data) through the prototype, in fact, will be collected on a "cloud" and processed by the system itself in order to provide an "intelligent" service, homogeneous from the point of view of the answers produced and provided to farmers. present in the portion of the territory equipped with the infrastructure.

Project structure

For the development of the prototype, the actions envisaged by COWTECH - PO FESR SICILIA 2014/2020 for the development of the prototype will involve both portions of the territory and individual companies located in the territorial areas selected in the project.

The strategies to be implemented for the development of the prototype can be grouped in the following macro-actions
briefly reported:

  1. Realization of the LoRA WAN infrastructure and identification of livestock companies that will participate in the development of the prototype.

  2. Design and construction of fixed peripheral devices, for the survey of environmental data, and mobile devices to be applied to the body of animals for the survey of behavioral activities.

  3. Design and implementation of applications for processing data from peripheral devices.

  4. Functional test of the prototype.

  5. Technical-economic evaluation of the prototype.

  6. Dissemination of the project results.






CowTech project

PO FESR Sicily 2014 - 2020, Axis 1, Action 1.1.5 (December 2020 - June 2023)

Supporting the technological advancement of enterprises by financing pilot lines and early product
validation and large-scale demonstration actions. Enterprise Grouping Project

Thematic Objective 1 - Research, Technological Development and Innovation

Specific objective 1.1 - Increase the innovation activity of enterprises

SERVICE 5 - Technological innovation and policies for economic development

Contractor: Vicosystems

Registered office: via Etnea, 736 - 95128 Catania

Operating Unit: via Etnea, 736 / PAL. B - 95128 Catania

VAT number: 04790640876

Project n. 086209090322

CUP: G69J18001020007

Project title: COW-TECH

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