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3G / 4G Modem Router

 Tecnical Features

  • Two GSM / UMTS / LTE interfaces and two SIM cards

  • Load Balancing between connections

  • Failover or Backup mechanisms

  • Signal quality monitoring received

  • Failover or ADSL line backup on 3G / 4G (optional)

  • SMS Manager functionality (optional)

  • Web interface with contextual help (in Italian)

  • Quick start and manual guide (in Italian)

  • Easy to install and configure

 Product Features

The X-Voice Modem / Router can handle up to two 3G / 4G connections simultaneously to provide high-
performance Internet connectivity anywhere and to a large number of devices.

X-Voice GSM / UMTS Modem / Router Dual SIM is able to offer high-performance and reliable Internet connectivity thanks to Dual SIM support, capable of simultaneously managing up to two Internet connections thanks to the two GSM / UMTS interfaces. X-Voice Modem / GSM / UMTS Router Dual SIM can be configured quickly and easily using a smart web wizard, easy to use as a web interface through which you can access advanced functions such as: monitoring the signal reception power of your provider in in
order to optimize reception capacity and positioning, balancing data traffic (load balancing) between the two UMTS connections to offer high performance in any context and ensure connectivity to multiple devices, failover or backup to ensure the continuity of access to the network , phone book with automatic import of contacts, SMS Manager for sending SMS to one or more contacts at the same time (promotional campaigns).


With its smart network selection and load balancing mechanisms, the X-Voice Modem / GSM / UMTS Router Dual SIM is the ideal solution to ensure broadband connectivity in all cases where common ADSL lines are not available or convenient to install. Ideal for hotels, conference rooms, public places, parks, shopping centers, rural areas not covered by ADSL line, IP video surveillance of large areas, and public transport (thanks to smart network selection and load balancing is indicated to offer vehicular connectivity).

Business Features

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