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Radio Telescope Antenna


tlc infrastructural asset management system based on machine learning for the generation of BIM models of basic radio stations







ACTION 1.1.3 of the ERDF PO. 2014/2020

"Support for the economic enhancement of innovation through experimentation and the adoption of innovative solutions in processes, products and organizational formulas, as well as through the financing of the industrialization of research results"

Service 5 - Technological Innovation and Policies for Economic Development

Contractor: Vicosystems

Registered office: via Etnea, 736 - 95128 Catania

Operating Unit: via Etnea, 736 / PAL. B - 95128 Catania

VAT number: 04790640876

Project n. 07CT7112100103

CUP: G69J18000920007,

Project title: "ARCHIMEDE" tlC infRastructural asset management system based on macHIne learning for the generation of BIM models of basic radio stations

Charon Code: SI_1_22395.

archimede 3.jpg


ARCHIMEDE is a BIM-based asset management tool that guarantees the various stakeholders the functionalities necessary to manage the life cycle of TLC infrastructures.

Drone with electromagnetic wave detection system


The tool consists of a web platform that rests on a database containing information relating to the user's infrastructure park, historicized according to the main Building Information Modeling standards (IFC, IFCxml). The platform guarantees the necessary operations for a lean and easy management and planning of the RBS, providing the operator with key information such as:

  • Georeferencing on the map of the RBS

  • Placement, type, orientation and pointing of antennas and dishes

  • Evaluation of the location of any new plants by placing new components

  • Maintenance (schedule)

  • Loading of the different versions of the system and storage of all the interventions, by building a versioning starting from the last authorized state: for each SRB there will be a memory of all the subsequent interventions through the progressive loading of the models

  • Logic of access to data depending on the type of user of the platform

  • Export functionality and interface with the main software for plant certification

The Archimede dashboard allows you to:


Plan maintenance works and investments in new sites based on consolidated information


Better manage the technological resources (available space, power supply and cooling systems) of the single station and create synergies at the network level


Speed up the contracting times for hosting services between tower companies and network operators


Allow the exchange of information between the asset management platform and the main recognized tools for issuing health certifications (certified software for electromagnetic impact analysis)


Ensure superior SLAs

This IT tool is accompanied by an innovative detection system for measuring electromagnetic fields through the use of an appropriate set of sensors to be installed on board UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle / Drones) platforms. This methodology allows to propose services for 3D surveys and construction of profiles in the electromagnetic field height.

archimedes 2.jpg

Dashboard for viewing the data taken from the EM sensor

archimedes 1.jpg

Dashboard - Map page showing the placeholders associated with the 3D measurements detected by the EM sensor

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