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 Tecnical Features

  • Interface from IP to analogue audio

  • Effective dissemination of audio messages

  • Use of existing LAN infrastructure

  • Centralized management

  • Scheduling audio messages

  • Realtime communications with the audio device P2P connection and / or

  • integration with PABX Remote web configuration

  • Quick and easy use and installation

  • 5V-2A power supply

  • Less than 5W of energy consumption

  • Fanless, very small dimensions 3x6x12 cm

 Product Features

X-Voice Audio IP Gateway is an IP audio system that allows you to transmit and reproduce an acoustic message or other audio stream from any PC and / or SIP phone in the LAN / WAN network. To transmit audio via IP simply connect a classic speaker or amplifier to the "audio jack" and create a virtual radio station.


allows you to transmit any audio content together with the ability to serve separate areas each characterized by a different message. This solution can be used, for example, in schools, shopping centers, offices and public buildings.

A pre-existing LAN / WAN network can be used to install the X-Voice Audio IP Gateway. This way, the implementation time of the whole system is considerably reduced, as are the costs of installing the wiring. The audio transmission in real time is based on SIP protocol and is transmitted from any PC (through a soft-phone) or from any other SIP protocol compatible phone, all through the LAN / WAN network. It is also possible to insert pre-recorded wav / mp3 files to be reproduced according to a schedule that can be configured remotely through an easy and intuitive web interface.

 Business Features

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