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 Tecnical Features

  • 5-wire intercom to IP network Gateway

  • Receive access request on IP phone, IP PBX, Smartphone, Tablet, etc ...

  • Management of 2 relay (eg door opener and staircase light)

  • Access and remote relay management

  • Easy, fast and immediate configuration through a web graphic user interface

  • Less than 5Wh of energy consumption

  • LAN / USB port / 5-wire connector and 5V connector

  • Fanless with dimensions 10x8x4 cm

Product Features

X-Voice Intercom Gateway IP is the new IP interface for 5-wire intercoms (4 + n). It is ideal for apartment buildings or offices that want to manage 5-wire analog intercom with an advanced integrated system over IP network, right on their IP phones, tablets, smartphones and IP PBX devices. Available in the single-user version, to be connected to the intercom indoor terminal.

X-Voice Intercom Gateway IP allows you to manage the door knock and to open the door directly from a telephone placed on a desk, a tablet or a smartphone.

 Business Features

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