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IP PBX Office

 Tecnical Features

  • 20 SIP accounts  

  • 12 external channels  

  • 2 levels IVR  

  • 16 waiting queues  

  • 8 call groups  

  • 6 Users in Audio Conference  

  • Configuration and Administration Web Interface

Optional Features

  • Incoming Call Filter (Blacklist) -

  • IVR Time -

  • Call Center Agents -

  • Internal service via Web / Telephone

  • System Messages with PRO Voice

  • IVR Audio Customization

Product Features  

With X-VOICE OFFICE solution, even small businesses can easily adopt VoIP, quickly and conveniently.


With X-VOICE OFFICE you can optimize initial investments for infrastructures and telephone expenses, saving on fees, by partially or completely increasing or replacing traditional lines and traffic with VoIP, thanks to the advantageous rates of VoIP offers.

Thanks to X-VOICE OFFICE, companies dispose of advanced services such as IVR, LCR, CDR, Conferences, Hold Music, Click & Call from Shared Phonebook and Voicemail. Usually available only on higher category systems.

The X-VOICE Configuration and Administration Web Interface enables simple, flexible and intuitive service management.

Business Partners

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