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Corporate IP PBX

 Tecnical Features

  • 240-480 SIP accounts 

  • 160 external lines 

  • 32 Levels IVR 

  • 128 waiting queues 

  • 64 call groups 

  • 96 Audioconferencing Users 

  • Configuration and Administration Web Interface

Optional Features

  • IVR Audio Customization

 Product Features

The X-VOICE CORPORATE solution was created to meet the needs of those companies that require high reliability, high integration and advanced communication tools.

X-VOICE CORPORATE brings all the advantages of VoIP to your company: single network (voice and data), single administration, line optimization, reduction of telephone expenses, advanced services such as CDR, IVR, LCR, Conferences, Hold Music, Voicemail, Click & Call from Shared Directory, a Web Operator, able to satisfy the ever-growing needs of companies that use communication tools as a competitive advantage.

Thanks to X-VOICE CORPORATE, the company can connect the main office and the branches through a single switchboard, thus reducing telephone expenses for on-net calls and optimizing the fee, thus improving internal communication, thanks to the functions advanced offers from the IP Telephony.

X-VOICE CORPORATE lets you keep under control the expenses of all the departments and various branches.

 Business Features

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