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IP PBX Business

 Tecnical Features

  • 80 SIP accounts 

  • 48 external channels 

  • 8 IVR levels 

  • 32 waiting queues

  • 16 call groups 

  • 24 Users in Audio Conferencing 

  • Configuration and Administration Web Interface

 Optional Features

  • Call Center Agents 

  • Internal Telephone Service 

  • System Messages with PRO Voice  

  • IVR Audio Customization

 Product Features

The X-VOICE BUSINESS solution is for companies or entities with advanced communication needs who want to purchase a new switchboard or integrate an existing one.

The adoption of an X-VOICE BUSINESS switchboard allows you to reduce the initial investment, by using a single shared network infrastructure, and to reduce telephone expenses, using the VoIP lines.

X-VOICE BUSINESS allows the increase or replacement of already available lines with VoIP lines.

With X-VOICE BUSINESS, companies will have access to advanced services such as IVR, LCR, CDR, Conferences, Hold Music, Shared & Shared Click & Call and Voicemail that can be integrated with corporate applications such as ERP and CRM.

 Business Features

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